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Amanda and Noa; aka Charlie and Eddie. We like tits and cigarettes. Nature is our favorite part of the Earth. We've been together ever since March 27th, 2012; still going as strong as ever. This blog is simply to share a piece of our lives, to document what we go through. Not for the pleasure of others, but for ourselves and to welcome whomever may pass through this journey of our relationship. We also really love cats.

My Dearest Charlie,
I’m sitting in Georgia right now under pounds of heat and threats of rain, missing you. It’s only been.. 6 days now since I’ve seen you? Kind of pathetic how much I already miss you. Like a pounding figure in my cut about to spill onto the floor. Distance tests everything at the most. But I think we’re doing just fine.

I love you


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It’s 5am right now, I haven’t slept yet. We love to wake up this early and go on early morning adventures. Or, just not sleep at all and venture. But this morning, I’m taking a lone adventure, breathing in the freshest of air before all the cars contaminate it. The birds are chirping so loudly and the dew on the grass is placed at the most perfect angles to make it almost look sparkly. I really wish you were joining me, Eddie. We would go on a lovely photo adventure. Which of course, is way overdue. Lets do this soon please.

- Charlie

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